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Shop online for UK Curly Hair Products. Made with natural and organic ingredients.


The story behind the brand.

If you're looking for high performing, natural hair products, you've come to the right place.

At My Curls UK you'll find the best curly hair products that are handmade in small batches and are infused with organic essential oils and wholesome ingredients.

As curly girls ourselves, we understand that many women with curly and afro hair struggle to find top-notch products that actually work. We therefore created the My Curls UK range so that women from all over the world can have products that they've always longed for. 

Whether you're looking for an all natural shampoo, a moisturising hair lotion or a creamy organic conditioner, you're sure to discover products that your hair will love. 

                                                                                 About Us

Our founder mixing up natural oils and butters and creating wholesome products.

Our founder mixing up natural oils and butters and creating wholesome products.

My Curls UK is a London-based hair company specialising in creating natural hair care products for women with textured hair.

At the heart of our business stands a mission; to empower and encourage women from all ethnicities and walks of life to love and embrace their tresses. 

Our business was founded upon the belief that all hair textures, whether wavy, tightly coiled, slightly straight or super curly, are beautiful. 

We are passionate about natural hair care and abide by principles that are at the heart of our business:

Integrity. Hair confidence.  Education. 


What makes us different?      

Our products and customer care speak for themselves.

In fact, here are just some of the great things that other curly girls have said about our products:

"Put simply, this is heaven for curls!" Beccy,

"The conditioner went on her hair with ease and was easy to massage in and rinse out. It left her hair feeling really soft and luxurious." Emma Baker,

"Thanks for shipping my products so quickly and for your excellent service. Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the mini Care for Curls set that I ordered and I truly feel as though I've found a product line that works for me. I'll definitely be ordering the full sized bottles soon! Thanks again." Dr. Elaine Hearth.  

We've received raving reviews from journalists and bloggers and have been featured in several media publications such as Prima, The Detour & Black Hair Magazine. 

Did you know that our Curl Smoothie has been described as one of the best curly hair products ever?

Don't just take our word for it, click here to read dozens of great reviews.

What makes our hair range special?

We believe there are a few things that set our products apart from the crowd.

Here are just a few of them:


Our products improve not just the look of your hair but they also improve your hair's health over time.

We're super passionate about helping our customers to gain long-term benefits from using our products over time.

Having longer, stronger hair comes from taking good care of your hair, having a healthy hair regime and using high-quality natural ingredients on your hair.

We don't use junky, synthetic or 'cheap' ingredients in any of our products because we know that healthy ingredients have a massive impact on your hair and body's health.

Easy to use

We understand that most of our customers are busy. Whether you're a mum, aunt, busy professional or high-flying student, you're pressed for time and spending hours mixing up concoctions for your hair isn't your idea of convenient.

With our products you don't have to spend hours trying to figure out how to use them because they're straight forward, simply packaged and highly effective.

And if you're ever unsure of how to use our products, you can get directions over here


Because we love the environment, we've chosen to ensure that our products are eco-friendly, packaged using recyclable material and are not tested on animals. 

We believe that beauty and personal care should never affect the environment and we therefore ensure that our products are made in a way that is ethically and environmentally safe.


Our entire range is free from parabens, SLS, ALS, mineral, lanolin & other petrochemicals because we believe in using ingredients that are kind to your hair & skin and that are beneficial to your hair's health.

Proudly British

We're a London-based brand and all of our products are made in the UK. As a British brand, we do our best to support other UK businesses and startups which means that the vast majority of our bottles, labels and ingredients are purchased from British suppliers. When you purchase one of our products you're not just buying any product, you're supporting a homegrown brand and family-run business. 


We love teaching and educating our customers about healthy hair practices and provide free educational resources to members of our community. To get started on accessing our educational and informational content simply subscribe to our newsletter

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