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Natural Hair Tips

Here's How Often You Should Really Wash Curly Hair

victoria olubi

washing curly hair

Shampoo, condition, moisturise, seal, repeat.

That's pretty much the hair care pattern that most naturalistas are taught nowadays.

But, it sometimes feels as if every week there's a new trend that encourages us curly girls to change our routine or try something else.

Whilst, this isn't a bad thing, it can result in a girl feeling pretty overwhelmed. 

Some experts claim that we should shampoo curls once every week, others say do it every day. Then there are the experts that claim curls shouldn't be washed at all. Yikes!

Can you imagine how it would feel (and smell) to have a head full of unwashed hair?

Not cute.

So, what's the real answer?

KISS: Keep. It. Simple. Sister.

Firstly, when it comes to your hair, you'll always get the best results when you keep things simple.

In other words, get rid of the complex hair regimens and find a quick and easy but effective routine that works for you.

Shampoo when there's build-ip

Secondly, there isn't a one-size fits all solution when it comes to shampooing curls.

However, as a general rule of thumb, condition often, shampoo when needed.

Condition, Condition, Condition.

Conditioning your hair (also known as co-washing) should pretty much be done every week unless your hair is in a protective style such as braids or a weave.

Shampooing should only happen when your hair is dirty and has product build-up.

If your hair is in great condition (pardon the pun), don't rush to shampoo it. Condition instead.

Trust me, your curls will thank you for it.

Now, it's your turn. 

How often do you wash your curls?

Leave a comment below sharing your hair regimen. It might just help other curly girls with their routine.

Victoria xo

Winter Hair Fave: Why Faux Dreadlocks are Great Protective Styles

victoria olubi

Here in the UK, it's absolutely freezing!

I was out and about today and thought I'd literally freeze in the blistering cold weather.

During these incredibly cold periods, there are some hairstyles that are just THE BEST!

One hairstyle that's become my absolute fave (ever since I spotted Meghan Goode rocking it) is faux dreadlocks. 

I just loooove them!

faux dreadlocks
faux dreadlocks natural hair
faux dreadlocks
faux dreadlocks

Check out some of these gorgeous faux dreads, they might just be your next go-to winter hairstyle.

If you like them, leave a comment below sharing which one you love most.

With love,



4 Things You Can Do To Grow Longer Hair In 2016 and Beyond

victoria olubi

In this months blog post we discuss extreme hair growth tactics.

We searched high and low for the some of the most outrageous methods that women use to grow longer locs and we've picked out 4 that you might want to discover.

Click here to read the full article.

Are there any hair growth strategies that you're following? 

What are they and have they been effective in helping your hair get to its desired length?

Share by leaving a comment below.


How Do I Know My Hair Type?

victoria olubi

This month we're focusing on hair types!

It's a topic that's constantly being discussed in the natural hair community but knowing your hair type can be quite confusing. 

Thankfully the good folks at BuzzFeed have created a great image which makes knowing your hair type so much easier! 

You can literally look at the chart and figure out your hair type within seconds.

Take a look at the chart here.

PS. It's perfectly normal to have several hair types! Mine varies from 3b to 4b which means I have a lot of textures to deal with, understand and manage. It's not always easy dealing with multiple hair textures but it is a lot of fun :)

Here's to knowing more about your hair and loving every inch of it!

Victoria xo

4 Simple Steps To Longer Natural Hair

victoria olubi

Long hair seems to be the dream end goal of every naturalista. For some, it can seem like one of those goals that is pretty much unattainable and stereotypes about black women's supposed inability to grow long her often reinforces such negative and limiting beliefs.

4 Simple Steps to Growing Longer Natural Hair: Click on the image above to read the full article.

4 Simple Steps to Growing Longer Natural Hair: Click on the image above to read the full article.

However, thanks to forums, Youtubers and blogs, it's becoming clearer and clearer that black women can grow long, healthy, natural hair.

In this week's blog post, I outlined 4 of the most important factors that affect hair growth. These steps cover both the internal stuff (e.g. the things going on inside your body) and the external stuff (the things that you can actively do to improve your hair's overall healthy).

Click here to read the full article.

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How often should naturally curly hair be washed?

victoria olubi

If you've ever debated about whether you are washing your hair too often or not enough, this brand new blog post was written for you.

  • A lot of naturals find it difficult to:
  • Manage washing their hair daily
  • Cope with hair that gets easily tangled when washed
  • Understand that the texture of their hair has a direct effect on how often you should be washing it.

In this blog post I outline exactly how often you should wash your hair based on factors such as your hair length, type and texture.

How often should you wash natural hair? Read this article concrete advice.

How often should you wash natural hair? Read this article concrete advice.

Click on the photo above to read the blog post and leave a comment underneath the post sharing:

1. What your biggest takeaway was

2. How often you currently wash your hair

3. How often you'll wash your hair after reading this blog post

Wishing you a fab hair day!

Victoria x

Protective Styling For Spring: Braids

victoria olubi

Do you sometimes struggle with coming up with hairstyle ideas for spring?

Here are some of our favourite braided hairstyles.

Here are some of our favourite braided hairstyles.

Finding not just great protective hairstyles but styles that are great for the spring months can be really difficult.

Here are some of our favourite braided looks for this season.

Now you may be wondering 'why should i braid my hair during the spring?'

Here are some reasons why braids rock!

1. Braids enable you to keep your hair protected from what can be chaotic weather. One minute it's raining, the next it's boiling hot. Because the weather is unpredictable, it can affect your hair significantly. By keeping it in braids, you're potentially protecting your hair from the negative side effects of harsh spring weather.

2. They don't take long to do. Braids can be put in in as little as 2 hours. Even if they take 4 hours, you end up with a hairstyle that lasts for between 4 weeks to 2 months.

3. They look awesome! Braids are feminine, girly and make you look fabulous! Need I say more?

4. They're versatile. You can wear your hair up or down or both. Braids are an extremely versatile style that are great for busy women who are pressed for time.

What do you think of braids? Leave a comment below sharing your experiences of wearing braids in winter.

Enjoy the sunshine!


How to Maintain Your TWA During the Spring

victoria olubi

The weather is absolutely gorgeous at the moment (which is a rarity here in the UK).

On looking after your TWA

On looking after your TWA

Personally, I'm loving every minute of it and I'm soaking up the Vitamin D whilst it lasts.

The thing about spring weather is that it can be sporadic; one minute it's raining and the next it's boiling hot.

This can also cause problems for your, especially natural hair.

If you have a TWA and have recently gone natural you might be confused about how to manage your hair during this period of time. Don't fret though, today, you'll learn  one effective tip that will enable you to look after your tresses.

#1. Condition daily. Co-washing is one of the most common buzz words in the natural hair community. It simply refers to washing your hair with conditioner rather than shampoo. You can co-wash as often or as little as you like, a bit of experimentation will give you an idea of how often to do it. To get the best results during the spring, co-wash with an organic shampoo for curly hair. In other words, use a conditioner that was made specifically for curly or afro hair textures and make sure it's free from harsh chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils.

So that's it for today's tip. Stay tuned for part 2 of how to maintain your TWA during the spring.