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Natural Hair Tips

Protective Styling For Spring: Braids

victoria olubi

Do you sometimes struggle with coming up with hairstyle ideas for spring?

Here are some of our favourite braided hairstyles.

Here are some of our favourite braided hairstyles.

Finding not just great protective hairstyles but styles that are great for the spring months can be really difficult.

Here are some of our favourite braided looks for this season.

Now you may be wondering 'why should i braid my hair during the spring?'

Here are some reasons why braids rock!

1. Braids enable you to keep your hair protected from what can be chaotic weather. One minute it's raining, the next it's boiling hot. Because the weather is unpredictable, it can affect your hair significantly. By keeping it in braids, you're potentially protecting your hair from the negative side effects of harsh spring weather.

2. They don't take long to do. Braids can be put in in as little as 2 hours. Even if they take 4 hours, you end up with a hairstyle that lasts for between 4 weeks to 2 months.

3. They look awesome! Braids are feminine, girly and make you look fabulous! Need I say more?

4. They're versatile. You can wear your hair up or down or both. Braids are an extremely versatile style that are great for busy women who are pressed for time.

What do you think of braids? Leave a comment below sharing your experiences of wearing braids in winter.

Enjoy the sunshine!