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Natural Hair Tips

Winter Hair Fave: Why Faux Dreadlocks are Great Protective Styles

victoria olubi

Here in the UK, it's absolutely freezing!

I was out and about today and thought I'd literally freeze in the blistering cold weather.

During these incredibly cold periods, there are some hairstyles that are just THE BEST!

One hairstyle that's become my absolute fave (ever since I spotted Meghan Goode rocking it) is faux dreadlocks. 

I just loooove them!

faux dreadlocks
faux dreadlocks natural hair
faux dreadlocks
faux dreadlocks

Check out some of these gorgeous faux dreads, they might just be your next go-to winter hairstyle.

If you like them, leave a comment below sharing which one you love most.

With love,