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Heaven Scent Hair Set - Curly Hair Care UK

Looking for a luxurious set of products for your kinks and curls? Take a look at the Heaven Scent Hair Set which is bound to leave you with softer, healthier hair.

Heaven Scent Hair Set

£45.00 (inc. free uk delivery)

Conditioning is at the heart of healthy curly hair.

It ensures that your hair is moisturised, soft, smooth and frizz free. 

As fellow curly girls, we know that our hair needs moisture, healthy oils and proper treatment and that's exactly why we created the Heaven Scent Hair Set.

This set contains 2 creamy conditioners that reduce knots and tangles and make combing hassle-free.

  • The Coco Curly Conditioner (which happens to be one of our best-sellers). 
  • The Honey & Hibiscus Cream Conditioner.

If you're fed up of searching for the right conditioner and want products that make a lasting difference to your hair, these are the products for you.              

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Please note that we do not ship outside of the UK. For international delivery please contact us to find out how to order our products in your country.